Scattered Minds and Awesome Art

I am SO scattered lately!  I am behind on everything and when I even attempt to catch up, I am chasing my tail.  When I feel this way, I know it is time to be creative with my own children.  It calms me.  It helps me focus on what is important.  I have a tendency to get clogged with the minutiae.  It's not good for anyone around me. So, with all of this in mind, Ruby and I curled up with some good coffee for me, a snack for her, and Barbara Rucci's new book, Art Workshop for Children.  We weren't even a quarter of the way through when Ruby declared, "I am inspired! I need to do art NOW."  And so we did.  It was fantastic! 

This art experience was completely child-led.  Ruby perused my paints and chose these vibrant acrylics.  Together, we mixed in some white paint to each color.  Then, she decided on printing.  I gave her a square of plexi glass and a mirror, some brushes, and a brayer.  She collected various loose-parts from our family art-cabinet.  She also pulled some natural materials that were laying out from another project we are working on.  She set to work and the magic happened.  At the end of  the session, I felt happy and calm. Ruby felt accomplished, and we have a pile of amazing art!  We are defintely not done with this project. It's set aside for now, but there are  big plans (by Ruby) to modge-podge the prints onto a larger canvas into a collage.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Our work was inspired by @artbarblog 's book, as well as by Danielle Masters, a local artist.  We recently met Danielle at The Maplewood Art Walk.  Ruby was taken with her generous personality and the vibrant colors she uses in her work.  

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