Why I Juice with my Kids and Our Favorite Recipe for Yummy Green Juice


Juicing with Kids

We love to make juice! Here's why. 

We have been on a big juicing kick lately and with cold and flu season upon us, I am going to try to keep it up! I don’t know a whole lot about juicing, but I am happy to share our family’s experience with you. 

The Top Five Reasons I Juice with my Kids:

1. Do your children eat the recommended daily servings of green leafy vegetables? Mine don’t.  In fact, I don’t even know what the recommended amount is.  When we juice, I know my kids are consuming a lot more greens than they could fit on a plate, let alone eat. 

2. It’s really fun.  They love squishing the food down the hatch and watching the juice pour through and the pulp snake out.  My guys also have a tendency to much along the way (more goodness consumed).

3. It’s a delicious way to boost energy and consume a mega-punch of vitamins and nutrients.

4. Much like any kind of cooking, juicing is an activity that can be extended into all kinds of learning.  There is math, science, literacy, sensory learning, language, etc. 

5. Making and enjoying the juice lends itself to a great sense of accomplishment. I feel like an awesome mom for hanging with my kids and producing something mega-healthy. The children are so excited to share the juice they save for Daddy when he gets home.  Plus, they see how they turned a huge pile of fruits and veggies into a beautiful, yummy product.  

Our Recipe

Pineapple, kiwi, green apple, orange and/or lemon, celery, spinach, kale/collards.


We have developed a favorite recipe over the years. There are a million great ones out there, but here is our standard:

Pineapple (no skin)

Kiwi (no skin)

Green Apple

Lemon or Orange (no skin, leave on white pith)



Kale/ collards

We use whatever is on hand and in varying amounts.  If your kids are new to juicing, start out heavier on the fruit and lighter on the greens.  You can up the green factor each time you juice. 

Do you like to juice with your crew? Do you have a favorite website for juicing or a favorite recipe? Share it in the comments below.  


Thanks for reading! -Lizzie