Clothes and Gear Gift Guide

Do you want to give your family gifts that they will actually use? So do I.  These are some of our tried and true favorites.  Click to shop.  

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  1.  Bibbed Rain Pants from one of our favorite shops, Biddle and Bop Kids.  If you follow me on IG, you know my kids are wearing these ALL. THE. TIME.
  2. Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldmaster Pocket Knife My 8 and 10-year-olds have this and they use it all the time in the woods, at the beach, and at home.  

  3. Savage Seeds T-shirts Stylish, soft, and with great sentiment.  

  4. Gathre Mat We worked with Gathre back in June and tried out this beautiful, bonded leather mat.  It quickly became one of our most-used items.  Its so beautiful and functional.  These mats make a great gift for moms, new and old.  

  5. 9oz Swell Bottle  These bottles never leak, keep hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold.  We love to use ours for hot chocolate in the snow during the winter.  

  6. OmieLife Lunch Box These are the lunch boxes my children use every day.  They have an option to pack hot or cold.  They are super durable and fit inside a standard lunch box.  

  7. Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter We never travel without these.  They come apart easily to fit in your suitcase! They make great options for tots through adults.  

  8. Bogs Kids Classic High Winter Snow Boot These are the boots you'll see my children, my husband and I sporting this winter.  They are super durable, waterproof and warm. We've been wearing them for years and they make for great hand-me-downs!

  9.  Maileg Mouse - Twins in a Box Are you wondering why a toy is on my Clothes and Gear Guide? Well, these little mice are basically gear for my four-year-old.  She never leaves home without them (literally) and they keep her occupied on the go.  I think that qualifies as gear, right?

  10. Native Jefferson Shoe This is our other shoe of choice.  My kids rock Natives from the first thaw until the first frost.  They are completely waterproof, flexible and rubber-soled.  They come in all colors and sizes. 

Some of these links are affiliate links.  That means that I collect a small finders fee when you shop through my link.  It does not cost you anything.  Thank you for supporting The Workspace for Children by shopping my links.  


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