STEM Gift Guide

Ok, seriously, this is the LAST gift guide I am writing for 2017.  I PROMISE.  But.. there are some phenomenal products here. So check them out and let me know what you think.  (Hover over the photos for the link to purchase .)

I am so excited about this Singing Tree Marble Run.  We don't have one, but I ordered one for my children and one for my nieces! 

I showed this Road Builder set in my Instagram Stories a few weeks ago.  We bought these for my oldest when he was three or four.  Guess what? He still uses them with his Lego's.  (But don't tell anyone or he would lose all his street cred.) These foam road pieces, are a MUST for any vehicle-loving child in your life.  

Here they are!! The little acrylic mirrors you always see in my feed and in my stories.  We can't get enough of them.  

These tree blocks are one of my favorite gifts to give.  I cant say enough great things about them! 

This ramp set is coming to our home for the holidays.  I know there are going to be hours of building and open-ended play coming from these.  

This is another gift that I purchased for this holiday season.  I love it because it is beautiful, educational and can be used by young children as they begin to grasp number concept and then agian as they become older and need to represent simple math.  

I am including this light panel because I know a lot of you have been looking for a less expensive alternative to the light table that we have.  I have never tried this one, but I wanted to offer a less expensive version of the light table that we own and treasure.

These prewriting boards are beautiful.  They are so valuable to the young child learning to read, but they are also calming and they feel so good to work with.  

Have you ever seen one of these at your child's school? I bet you have! That's because a good early childhood teacher knows the value in one of these babies.  You can measures liquids or solids.  This "toy" allows your child to discover so many important things.  We love to use ours in our outdoor space.  

It's winter, and in our area of the country that means outdoor sand play is not happening.  This kinetic sand makes an AWESOME indoor sensory material.  Sand inside? Yes, this stuff is easy to clean up and mostly stays on the surface it was intended for because of it's clumping capabilities.  Not convinced?  Try putting your sensory tub of kinetic sand inside of a larger shallow tub to catch whatever falls.  Easy, breezy clean up.  

I hope this helps with your holiday shopping! This post was sponsored by Discount School Supply and all opinions are one hundred percent my own.  Thanks for reading and following along.