How To Set Up the EASIEST Baby Doll-Washing Station Using Stuff You Already Have

Baby Doll Wash Station

Do you want to make your toddler's day and feel like an awesome mom?  I've got a simple activity that won't take much time to set up, and probably won't cost you a dime! 

What You Will Need:

  •  2 large-ish Bins (we used IKEA Trofast Bins)
  •  Plastic, Water-proof Baby Dolls
  • Washcloths or Old Rags
  • Shaving cream, lotion or baby shampoo -anything works.
  • Soap (I cut up bars of dollar store soap.)
  • Preemie Diapers (optional)
  • A few small cups for scooping water
  • Dishtowel for drying the babies
  • Water Dispenser for rinsing. (I like this one. We use it for all of our water play.)

The Set Up

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere warm, head outdoors! We live in the Northeast.  It is COLD and we are about to get dumped with snow.  Needless to say, this will be an indoor activity for a while.  For us indoor folk, I recommend setting up on the kitchen floor or maybe the bathroom.  

Here's How to Do it:

1) Lay out a large drop cloth to ground the activity.  If you are inside, I love this waterproof mat.  It absorbs water and  protects your floors from wet and messy play.

2) Set up a few “bathtubs” filled with a few inches of water.

3) Place water-proof babies inside the bins.

4) Lay out all of your bath accessories in an enticing way.  Or, just dump them in a pile- your kids won't care! 

5) Set up your rinsing station over a bucket. I balance it on a stool set just above the ‘bathtub' bin. This makes it feel like a real faucet for rinsing.

6) Roll up your child's sleeves and....

That's it! Now you can watch your kid have fun and feel like an awesome, fun mom.  Or you can zone on your phone with a cup of coffee while your child is occupied and super happy.  

Check out these links to some other really fantastic washing stations:

Have you ever set up a baby-doll washing station? Are you going to set up this one? I would love to hear from you.  Tell me about it in the comments below and tag me in your washing station pictures on Instagram @theworkspaceforchildren.  

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