Is your little one off to a full day of school? Will she be eating lunch at her new school? Here are some tips to make lunchtime predictable and successful for your child.  

  1. Use a simple lunch box.  Cut everything up, unwrap it all.  

  2. Simple, easy to eat foods.  Nothing complicated or over the top.  Trust me, the teachers do not think you are a better mother if you pack the fanciest or healthiest lunch.  Pack a  nutritious lunch that your child can eat independently in a timely manner? Now you are impressing the teacher (not that you need to).

  3. Pack foods you want your child to eat in any order THEY choose.  If you will be upset that they ate dessert and not their apple slices, don’t pack dessert. Save it for when they get home.  They are exercising their independence when they eat lunch at school.  If you pack all foods that are acceptable to you, it is ok for them to chose the order in which they want to eat it.  

  4. Lower your expectations and expect them to come home hungry! School lunch is mostly just about being social and only a little bit about eating.  Knowing that, pack a punch with the snack you plan for when they arrive home.  

  5. PRACTICE!   Use your child’s lunch box at home.  Show them what their lunch box with their name on it looks like. Have them practice opening and closing the latches and containers at home.  Get them completely comfortable with it.  No surprises on that first day.  This is one unknown that you can get in front of.