Remember last week when I went on my tangent about reading readiness?

I know that Sloane is feeling ready and excited about becoming a reader so I’ve been pulling out lots of sight word activities. You all requested more activity how-to’s and this one couldn’t have been easier.  

Here’s the deal…I wrote her words on little index cards, poured our jar of gem letters into a shallow bin, and set it out to see what would happen.  

Guess what? She independently practiced her sight words for twenty minutes…didn’t even look up.  She got in the zone and I could see her practicing, testing herself, getting frustrated and working through it, and more.  All from this one activity that took me about five minutes to pull together.  It was a huge win for me.  Have you had any wins lately? We all deserve a little celebration for a win.  Drop yours below.  It does not have to be parenting related! Just tell me your latest win and how good it made you feel. 

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