I don’t know about you guys, but my kiddos wake up early on the weekends.  Last Saturday everyone was up by seven. It was too early to play outside or go anywhere, and I’d already said no to TV. I wanted an activity that would be good for all three children (ages six, nine and eleven) and I really didn’t want to start my weekend with a  big mess to deal with.  I pulled out our Crayon Clay that was sent to us from The Pencil Grip and set up a tray of our favorite materials.  I find that how you approach the set up of any invitation to create actually does matter.  Doing a little bit of extra work on the front end really pays off.  Sure, I could’ve just opened the box and given them the packets of clay, but then there would’ve been fighting and whining and lots of requests for help. 

Right away, Ruby (nine) knew that she wanted to mix the perfect shade of color.  At first, she was frustrated.  It took some time and string fingers to get that clay to blend.  But when it did, it was so good.  

Sloane wanted to make a set of circle crayons for a friend.  She rolled the clay and then cut out little circles of color.  I think they turnout great! 

Nate made little a little snail crayon because he loved the idea that it could leave a trail of color.  

When they were finished creating, we left the shaped clay on the table to dry and off we went.  It dried beautifully (took about 12 hours) and the children now have a new set of crayons!! 

This set is my new go-to birthday gift.  It’s a great price point, and can be used by such a large range of ages.  I am all stocked up! Click the images (affiliate links) below to find out where to get everything!!

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