Happy Spring! It is finally time to head out of hibernation.  These are our top five items that we cannot live without in Spring.  FInd out WHY we chose these items and where you can get them.

Bogs. My children have been wearing these boots since they were very little. (I wear them too!) I remember when Nate started nursery school and needed rain boots.  I did what all good moms do.. I headed to Target and bought the cutest, least expensive pair I could find.  Whoops.  Bad idea. Live and Learn.  After about three sessions of hard play at the muddy playground, they leaked. I paid up and bought the Bogs.  Now we are customers for life.  I almost always buy black and then just hand them down through all three of my own children and their cousins.  

Primary Raincoat.  I love these new rain jackets from Primary! They are light weight enough that your child won’t complain about having to wear a jacket now that it is finally warm out.  If you size up, you can fit a thick sweater or a fleece underneath for those nippy days.  These jackets are functional, adorable, and sell at a very wallet friendly price point.  Use the code WORKSPACE for 25% off your first order from Primary.

Rain Mittens.  Ever heard of them? You’re welcome. They are brilliant.  Kids can pick through the melting snow and dig deep in mud puddles all without getting their hands wet.  They are also great when it’s still very windy and they are riding bikes.  No frosty hands, perfect for Spring. 

Water Pants. Seriously… My kids live in these waterproof, mud proof bibbed pants.  They go over your child’s clothes and keep the wet out. We use them for all seasons, but especially for Spring.  

Sidewalk Chalk. Yup! We keep ours right on our front steps ready for all the action.  We color with it, smash it up and make paint, grind it for sprinkles, and much more.  Every Spring I buy a huge box so that we never run out.  

Do you have items that you find yourself reaching for every Spring?

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