My little one is turning six today, and one of her favorite things is to pretend. She loves to play with her favorite little peg people from Grimm’s Wooden Toys, Grapat, and Teeny Weeny Toys. She also loves to make her own people. We keep blank, unfinished peg dolls in our art cabinet along with lots of loose scraps for creating and new peg people are born into her collection weekly.

Today I am heading into her Kindergarten class to share her love peg people and dollhouse play with her classmates. We are going to read a favorite book of ours, This Is My Dollhouse, by Giselle Potter. I adore this book because it explores the joy and creativity involved in creating your own play materials. It also explores friendships and feelings, which I love.

After the book, the children will have the opportunity to create their own peg doll. I scoured the art supplies that I already had on hand and created the tinker trays you see here. I encourage you to use what you already have, but I have also listed all of the materials that we used at the bottom of this post.

This project was inspired by my wonderful and brilliant friend, Bar Rucci. You can see her post here. Also, Sloane’s birthday party was held at our favorite local art studio, Oh Canary Art, where the children decorated dollhouses. You can read all about that party on my friend Natalie’s blog.

Doll House

Peg People

Kwik Stix

Elmer’s Glue Pen

Tissue Paper Squares

Chenille Stems

Wool Roving


Washi Tape

Pony Beads


Kid Scissors

Have you done a project with your child’s class? How did it go? -Lizzie


Crazy Pumpkins and Loose Parts

A simple #invitationtocreate at home, school, or maybe your next block party?

Here's what we did:  

First, you'll need a drop cloth.  Any old sheet will do.  

Next, fill a tinker tray with loose parts.  You can choose any craft supplies, but here is what I chose:

Then mix up some colored glue.  I like this glue mixed with some of these paints.  You can experiment with how much paint you need in the glue.  As long as you keep the mixture sealed in an air tight jar or container, it will last a long time and colored glue is great for all sorts of art.

Finally, the fun part! Set everything out and watch the lucky participants create a Crazy Fall Pumpkin.    

Let me know if you decide to make one. I would love to hear from you.  

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Happy First Day of Fall!!