Fun with The Everyday Play Deck

Fun with The Everyday Play Deck

*This post is written in partnership with Rose and Rex and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Hint…. I LOVE it!!

I am honored and thrilled to introduce to you, EVERYDAY PLAY DECK brought to you by Lisa Zaretsky of @playagainreads in collaboration with the amazing women over @roseandrex. I have been a huge fan of @roseandrex and @playagainreads for a very long time.  When I found out they were teaming up, I just knew I had to be a part of it. These are women who understand the value of play for all children.

The Everyday Play Deck is set of beautifully made cards that are all about GENERATING IDEAS.  These cards are the gateway to hours of open-ended play USING WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE.  The best part? It is for everyone.  Parents, caregivers, teachers, babysitters, aunties and grandpas can all benefit from the Everyday Play Deck.  

The simple ideas presented in these cards, can be executed anywhere and by anyone.  You don’t need to be crafty or even creative to find joy and meaning with the children in your life.  There is no need to buy a single toy or craft item.  The Everyday Play Deck inspires you to use what you have, wherever you are.  

Tape Ideas from The Everyday Play Deck

I showed my children the deck and Sloane immediately ran for our stash of rainbow tape, so that is how we chose the tape card for this particular day.  I pulled out an old bin and began to add stripes.  Sloane (who is six) immediately dove in and helped.  She instructed me to add them in rainbow order, which, of course, I obliged.  

Using some of Lisa’s ideas in Everyday Play Deck, I balled up the extra tape and sat back to observe.  Sloane began pretending the tape balls were bats and they were hanging from the ceiling as she stuck them to the top of each tape stripe. She then organized them by color.  She stood up and pulled them out, lining them up in color and then size order.  She predicted which ‘bats’ could fit through the slots and which were too big to fit.  As she played, her beloved yellow balloon began to blow away.  She new exactly what to do! She grabbed that pink tape and some scissors and hung up her balloon.  She was so satisfied to have solved her own problem.

Fine Motor Skills in ACTION!

Fine Motor Skills in ACTION!

Eventually, the play turned into me helping Sloane tape up the big kids! They were good sports about it and I think Sloane and I may have had just a touch too much fun.  Eventually, they broke free, balled up the tape and game of catch broke out.  


Your tape play needn’t be as involved as ours.  Everyday Play Deck has TONS of simple ways to use the tape you already have at home to form social connections, learn and play with you little one.  The beautifully made cards are a treat in themselves, even without doing a single activity!  Just reading them and looking at the beautiful images is inspiring. One more great things about this product? It makes for a wonderful gift for all of the loving caregivers, teachers and parents in your life. 

A big congratulations to Lisa Zaretsky of @playagainreads and the talented women @roseandrex on the release of Everyday Play Deck.