Can you believe its almost Valentine's Day? I know, a Hallmark Holiday and all....but, it's my favorite!! As a mom, it's a no-pressure, happy celebration.  There are so many easy ways to enjoy the holiday with your kids.  Are you still reeling from the Winter Holiday bills like we are? If you are, rest assured, Valentine's Day doesn't need to cost you an arm and a leg.  I plan to share a few Valentine Ideas here on my blog over the next few weeks, so stay tuned over here! 

This morning, I whipped two a quick, no-cook batches of Valentine Playdough and threw together some loose parts for an easy invitation to play.  Typically, I favor cooked playdough.  It lasts longer and the texture suits me better.  But, being flu-season and all, I don't let our playdough kick around for a long time (germy fingers and all).  The other reason I made no-cook dough for this activity, is because it is easier to make with your children.  You can check out the recipe I used at The Artful Parent.  Jean also does a great comparison of cooked vs. no-cook dough in this post.  For a playdough aficionado like me, this information was top-notch! Check it out.  

I adapted Jean's recipe (linked above) by adding some cupcake scented oil.  If you want some scent, I linked it right HERE.

For our set up, I used an old tinker tray and fillled it with various Valentine loose parts.  I am not even going to link the parts because I encourage you to get them from the dollar bin at Target or from your local Dollar Store.  Like I said earlier, you do not need to spend a substantial amount of money for this activity.  I know how tempting it can be to just pay up a bit and use Amazon Prime (guilty), but for this activity, I'm telling you... Dollar Store.  And if you don't feel like making the effort to make the playdough yourself, give yourself a pass and just grab that at the Dollar Store too.  The kids will be just as engaged and happy.   Link for a tinker tray is HERE.   


Thank you for reading and following along on our journey! -Lizzie