The next time you see a mirror at a garage sale or while cruising your local swap site, grab it!   We got this one from the curb on garbage day last Spring (don’t judge- one person’s trash is another person’s treasure).  

Being able to see themselves as they work adds a whole new dimension to play and art.  It also supports your child’s developing sense of self.  

Mirror painting is such a simple activity, especially if you do it outside.  I’ll share a little trick with you to make this SUPER SIMPLE.  Add a tiny drop of dish soap to the liquid paint before you set it out for play.  When they are all finished creating, just hose down the mirror and the paint washes off in seconds.  While you are at it? Hose down your kiddo.  Now you can skip bath time! You’re welcome.  

Have you tried mirror painting? Are you going Why or why not…..