Magnetic Tile Review

Magnetic Tile Review

Magnetic Tile Review

First, I want to say that I love all magnetic tiles.  I love their open ended nature and the possibilities are endless.  They are smooth and sturdy and come together with little effort.  The clickity-clack of a building going up is music to my ears. Magnetic tiles are loved by children and adults alike.  There is just something about them that is irresistible. Without further ado, lets dive in to this hot topic.

General Thoughts on Magnetic Tiles:

1. I want them to be as open-ended and versatile as possible. I stay away from sets that make one specific thing, and lean towards basic, play-anything sets.

2. More is more. Yes, you heard me right. The more magnetic tiles the better. We grow our already expansive collection at every chance we get. Sometimes, that means going with the less expensive option. And that’s perfectly fine. We have a huge collection and the children can easily use them all on one giant building. 

3. Think about how you have your tiles stored. Are they jammed in the box and inaccessible or are they displayed in a way in which the children are drawn to them? Ours are arranged in stacks, by shape, in an open container. They are impossible to resist and easily cleaned up.

Magnetic Tiles

Side by Side Review of Three Magnetic Tile Brands:

There are so many magnetic tiles on the market these days.  They range in price and quality.  Let me break it down for you. 

Magna-Tiles are the OG of magnetic tiles.  They are also the priciest tiles on the market at over one dollar per tile.  They are made with high quality ceramic magnets and BPA free plastic. When holding them side by side with the other brands you can see and feel the higher quality. Magna-Tiles are heavier and sturdier than other brands, and the most well-made of all of the other tiles.  

In our playroom, we also use Picasso Tiles. These tiles are a great option for a lower price point.  They are not as heavy as a Magna-Tile, but they work just as well and are compatible with other magnetic tiles.  These are a great option when you want a large set. And seriously? Who doesn’t want a larger set?

We also love Shape Mags.  They are also a less expensive option than the original Magna-Tile and work very well.  Like Picasso Tiles, they are a bit lighter than the original tile.  Also, they make some unique shapes. We recently started using the stabilizer base plates and the children are loving them.  They are on our Hanukah list already.  

All in all, I’ve never met a magnetic tile that I didn’t love.

A Chat With a Magnetic Tile Expert:

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Jennifer Romanoff, the owner of Genius Gems in Millburn, NJ. If there is anyone who knows their magnetic tiles, it is Jennifer.  She built an entire business around these tiles!  Last week I did a little IG storying while the kids played in this magical magnetic tile wonderland and my DMs blew up with questions about this unique and valuable spot. You can learn more about Genius Gems by clicking here and be sure to follow them on IG as well! 

Genius Gems

Here is what Jennifer had to say on the topic of magnetic tiles:

“I LOVE magnetic tiles. My kids (and my husband) are obsessed with them, too. Before I launched Genius Gems, I tested out tons of brands with my kids and at local libraries and festivals. Any brands that were not durable or fully certified were immediately off my list.  While I love the brand name Magna-Tiles, there are other companies that make great products as well! I like Magna-Tiles for their unique shapes and color varieties that you can't find anywhere else. Magna-Tiles makes pentagons, which are useful for making arch bridges and other amazing structures. The Stardust sparkly magnetic tiles are also a huge favorite at Genius Gems!  Playmags is another great brand. The strength of their magnetic tiles is impressive (perfect for constructing our huge magnetic tile house at Genius Gems!), and the price point is lower than some other brands, so if you are looking to get a bigger collection for a decent price, it's a very economical choice. The last brand I recommend is Shape Mags. Shape Mags makes some interesting building tiles, like steps, ramps, arches and domes. Perfect for future engineers to construct the coliseum or your interesting aqueducts!  I often get asked whether these brands work with each other. The best part is that all of these different brands are fully compatible with each other so you can be sure no matter which one you choose it will fit right into your collection.”

If you are local (or even somewhat local- it is worth the drive), do yourself a favor and bring your children to play at Genius Gems.  They also have wi-fi, snacks, pizza and coffee! Needless to say, my kids are obsessed and would go here every day if they could. Jennifer has graciously offered you 1/2 off the adult tickets from now through September 29.  You must follow Genius Gems on Instagram and mention the code WORKSPACE GENIUS. Valid in store only, cannot be combined with other promotions. 

Thank you, Jennifer! 

Ten Reasons Magnetic Tiles Promote Healthy Child Development:

  • critical thinking skills

  • hand eye coordination 

  • problem solving skills

  • fine motor skills

  • language development 

  • shape recognition

  • patterning

  • balance and weight

  • spacial relationships

  • imaginative play 

There you have it! All my thoughts on magnetic tiles. I hope this post answered your questions and that you found it helpful and informative. If you want to hear more from me, please be sure to subscribe to my blog and join the conversation over on Instagram.  


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