A Jungle Jumparoo Has Landed In Our Yard!

We have a Jungle Jumparoo! And we LOVE it.

When the folks over at Jungle Jumparoo first contacted me about trying out this product, I wasn't really sure.  We've never had any kind of jungle gym or trampoline in our yard.  We have our tinkerspace, an open yard where we  run and play and lots of neighbors to ride bikes with.  If we want to climb, we are lucky enough to have a local playground just around the block.  I've never felt the need for any kind of climbing apparatus.  Also, I am not a trampoline fan.  Bouncy castles and trampoline gyms make me nervous.  If you know me, you know I support risky play for children.  I watch my 3 year old ride up and down our bike ramp with much older children. I've encouraged my 6 year old to jump off a cliff into the ocean below.  I often trust my littles with electric drills and hot glue guns.  But trampolines? Not so much.  Enter the Jungle Jumparoo.

It came in a super-heavy box that sat in our living room until we finally had time to put it together (thanks, honey!).  We set it up in our front yard so that all of the children in our neighborhood would have the opportunity to give it a go.   Minutes after set up, I looked at the kids jumping and laughing, and realized, WOW, THIS JUMPER IS THE REAL DEAL!  

I am always setting the stage for play in my home.  We have very few "toys" but we do have lots of loose parts and other open ended materials.  I have a criteria for the 'toys' that we keep in our home. When my children play, I want the materials to be able to meet them where they are in their own personal development. The materials must be multi-use and appropriate for all three of my children.  For example, a unit block can be used as industriously by a two year old as it can by a nine year old.  Will they use it in the same manner? No way!  Can they both use a unit block industriously? Absolutely.   Same thing with the Jungle Jumparoo.  

From the very littles,  all the way up to the adults, everyone is jumping on our Jumparoo.  The other morning, I observed as our little neighbor toddled up to the large bouncy tube and push against it, feeling his own weight come back against him.  He eyed up the colorful poles and reached up to feel them.  Meanwhile, my three year old climbed right into the middle of the tube and cozied up in the center with her lovey and watched the clouds role by above her.  Enter a gaggle of 5 and 6 year olds.  They came by and bounced, climbed, and monkey-barred around the top.  They made up a game using certain colored poles as "home" poles and the other colored poles were worth varying points.  They flipped themselves upside down and hung there and laughed and laughed.  My oldest child, nine years old, uses the jumper all the time. He and his friends can catch tons of air as they let off steam after school.  They jump and chatter and challenge one another to see who can get themselves higher.  I even gave it few bounces.  Yup, really fun!

One of my favorite things about living in my neighborhood is that children of all ages interact and play together.  There are kids of all ages everywhere!  ALL of these children can safely play TOGETHER on the Jungle Jumparoo.  Click HERE to see more safety facts on the Jungle Jumparoo vs a trampoline.

 We already own the large Jumparoo.  But now I kind of want the small one for our basement during the winter! And the accessories that are available are pretty cool too.  There's a rope swing attachment, a sprinkler, a ball pit, etc!!   Um, good thing the holidays are around the corner.  Right now, the creators of Jungle Jumparoo are offering you guys $100 off the purchase of your Jumperoo when you use the code WORKSPACE100.  

Do you have any questions for me regarding the Jungle Jumparoo? Maybe you want to know more about open ended materials? Reach out and let me know. 

Thanks for following along,  Lizzie 

*This post contains sponsored links from Jungle Jumparoo. All thoughts and opinions are my own.