Let’s play, “BACK TO SCHOOL”.

DO you want to help your child to process their thoughts and emotions about school? Read on…

I think it’s finally safe to say we are all back in school…hopefully?

Big transition, amiright? My little one started all-day Kindergarten, and the second she gets home, she NEEDS to play. All I want to do is hear about her day, (like, every. single. detail.) but she needs space and time to reflect. One of the ways I am encouraging her to process all these new experiences is by setting up intentional toys. My girl takes the bus to school this year, so I was beyond excited to discover this gorgeous school bus from Teeny Weeny Toys. She plays “going to school” and “coming home” non-stop. My teacher-self GLOWS when I see this, because I KNOW that play is the best way for her to process all these big, new feelings and experiences.

Have you ever tried to recreate your child’s day with toys?

Below are some of our favorite materials for playing school. (Click the image to find out more.)

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